Monday, December 12, 2011

BIG Winning entry: Hotel Istana

Actually dah terima hadiah ni dah lame dah.. Contest was organized by Hotel Istana at their Facebook. I was very lucky then.. contest suruh hantar gambar during our stay dekat Hotel Istana and this year, my SIL hadiahkan i 3 days two nights stay at Hotel Istana for my birthday, entry is here.. .. ape lagi laa kan.. to be honest, i jarang pun duduk any hotel kat KL ni hehehe

Alhamdullillah.. i was one of three lucky winners.. and this was my winning picture..

and to that I received 4 days 3 nights stay at Club room of cos-lah at Istana Hotel. And during our stay, they will provide us with a car :) and free Internet (hotel Istana tak dak internet free) and free breakfast (yeah i know usually majority ade free breakfast but not Hotel Istana)..

InsyaAllah I will utilise this voucher very very soon, and this will be our Cuti Cuti KL hahaha.. the best part, currently Hotel Istana is organizing another video contest.. nanti during my stay there, haruslah i bervideo sakan..


  1. wahhhhhhhhhh.. dapat voucer cuti kat hotel..beshhhhhhhhhh

  2. We also seldom holiday in KL . Anywhere congrates on your winning and more to come!

  3. ishh jelesnyaa..
    setakat la ni dok masuk yg shell tu tak penah2 nya menang hehe..tak de luck

  4. hehehe bercuti free dan free lagik...siap kasi kereta lagi tu :P..u jln2 ler ke klcc :)

    anyway congrats beb :)

  5. Bestnyer Mira....apatah lagi Hotel Istana tu.....Love it!!!

  6. pehhhh teruja nengok..da la baucer...pehtu hotel istana plak huk3 nanges ai tau..nak jugakkkk :(


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