Thursday, October 13, 2011

First friend @ Standard One..

Did you remember who was your first friend when you first stepped in to the primary school..??

Me.. yes..!!! She is Sharmeen Raof...

and the best part.. we still keep in touch with each other up until now.. so imagine our friendship is already more than 20 years.. :) 

recently, she invited me for her belated birthday party at her house. Oh by the way she is still single, anak daraa lagi u,.. but not sure whether she is available or not.. :) i was late for the cake cutting ceremony, so I missed that rainbow theme party.. 

managed to meet Firdaus, another primary mate friend. tapi tak sempat ambik gambar, i datang, dia balik.. and also met Maisarah, Sharmeen's best friend but coincidentally being my friend too.. Last time, she used to ask me how it felt to give birth, what to do, which hospital to go.. but nowwwwwww

-credit picture to Maisarah-

she is blessed with three children, and  you know with that body shape, did you believe she just delivered her third child!!.. rezeki masing-masing kan... cepat je dah tiga orang anak.. and of cos Emir and his son were the most cheerful guests of the day!!! :)


  1. miahahah aku dh tak ingat sape member aku time darjah satu tp aku ingat the first person yg aku kenal time form 1 is YOu... yezzaaa.... kite duduk sebelah lagi =p

  2. my best friend masa sekolah rendah ialah Amylia Sariza and now nama dia selalu naik sebab jadi best team dalam public mutual.

  3. my BFFF rendah masih lagi my BFF sampai sekarang--but she's not a comper :) :) nama Azliena :)

  4. bestnye...kawan darjah 1 lagi.hehe
    kita pun da tak ingat siapa.

    mira sgt beruntung!

  5. so nice that u still keep in touch with your oldest primary school friend,mira. alhamdulillah, ure very lucky! my first friend was my best friend for 21 years, but then when i gave birth to gibran, dia terus menghilang. well what to do kan.. ppl change.. ehhh sedih plak bunyi i ni. kekekeke...anyway!! emir semakin comel!


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