Sunday, January 17, 2010

EXCITING Family Day Out Nuffnang and Friso Gold

NOTE: Please ignore the alignment, I dont know how to adjust it and I am dare not to adjust anything after 2 days of working on this entry :)
First all, may I kindly warn you that this will be a longgg entry as I am summarize 6 hours of EXCITING Family Day Out Nuffnang and Friso Gold which was held on 2 January 2010.

What is Family Day?

In Australia, Family Day is officially titled Family and Community Day.
In South Africa the Day after Easter Day called Easter Monday and then changed to Family Day.
In Canada, Family Day has different celebration standards in each province

So many names but it means the same - for FAMILY and to FAMILY. To spend your quality day with your loved ones.

Who is Nuffnang?
I bet you have seen this logo almost everywhere in cyberspace and I bet EVERYONE must have at least one conversation on Nuffnang :) is Asia-Pacific’s first and leading blog advertising community which currently has offices in 4 countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia.

What is Friso GOLD?

The 1st IFT brand in ASIA provides Synbiotics across products life-stages to protect kids right from the inside which was proven by international clinical studies in Europe, Asia by Medical University VU Holland, FrieslandCampina Institute and National Nutrition Institute of Vietnam.

So when you have your FAMILY + NUFFNANG + FRISO GOLD as organizer, only ONE word would be the best describe the event EXCITING!

Remember my post on Curious Kids Needs to be Tough Inside, posted in this blog on 20 December 2009. Click here if you wish to review my post. After receiving the much awaited e-mail from Nuffnang, I have planned so call "MUST FOLLOW" plan to ensure that three of us to be there on time and as early as possible.. Simple but with a lot of effort.. wink.. wink..

The event was held on 2 January 2010 at Kizsports & Gym, One UTAMA and of course the theme was CURIOUS KIDS NEED TO BE TOUGH INSIDE.

and what did I do?

1. FORCE Mr. Husband to cancel all his activities on 2 January 2010
2. Ensure that Emir sleeps very early the night before

And CHECKED, it was successfully as planned.

So, I will summarised the event in THREE categories - Oh ya, I just realized that I love to put things in categories which I already did the same thing for my post on Curious Kids Need to be Tough Inside. This time the categories are BEFORE ENTERING TO KIZSPORTS, IN THE KIZSPORTS & GYM and AFTER KIZSPORTS & GYM


Be as early as possible
Yes, come early to avoid any possible delays. I was very sure it would be a GOOD day as Emir woke up as early as 7 am in the morning with bright and handsome smile and the best part, he was willingly agreed to have his shower. Since our home to One Utama will only take around 15 minutes, so we moved around 9am and both Emir and I lead the way leaving Mr. Husband far behind.. heheh

We lost
No, we were not lost to find Kizsports and Gym but we were "trapped" in the parking lot!! Since we arrived quite early, we did not know that for security reasons, all lifts to the mall will only be opened at 10am and we took around 15 minutes to find one entrance after another and lucky us, one cleaner showed us the way that leads to the mall.. Phew!!

The big banner or the board
This board was exactly as what we have seen on Nuffnang's website and while waiting for the registration counter to open, we posed and posed and I personally did not noticed that other parents were waiting for their turn as well to take the pictures.. Sorry ya and yes, the board was definitely A HIT among the bloggers parent.

New shirt
I did not know that each child will be provided with FREE Nuffnang and Friso t-shirt and Emir on the other hand at least has few pictures wearing his new Mickey's tshirt. hehe. and this is one of the picture. I like the idea where only kids wearing the official tshirt, more uniformed and building sentimental value of this event at the same time.

Registration process
We were the third families to register. The organizer identified us by our URL and email address. and we do have our own sticker and tag!! Sorry, hubby accidentally deleted our picture with tag. and the picture below was courtesy from

And lucky us to be early if not we might be joining the longggg Q..

No strollers, No shoes and must have SOCKS
When I was on my trip to Japan, leaving your strollers behind are normal and the important part, it is safe. So I was quite happy to see the same here in Malaysia. Of course, no shoes are allowed and everyone must wear your socks while you are in Kizsports & Gym.


Opening Speech
The opening speech were given by Nicholas from Nuffnang and a representative from Dutch Lady. But I couldn't deny that at this time Emir could not wait for more for Exciting games and playland in front of his eyes.

Why Kizsports & Gym
The Playland is one-of-a-kind indoor obstacle course that provides hours of fun and entertainment to children. The slides, tunnels, balls, ropes, track-glides and other fun equipment within the Playland are specially designed by experts to ensure a safe and exciting environment for children to explore and play.

Kizsports & Gym - Playland for ALL kids
Regardless your stickers (yes, the kids have been categorized by age and each sticker represent your category), Kizsports allowed ALL kids to play at their open playland.

There were pool of balls

"Mountain climbing"

"Hide and Seek"

"Basketball training session"

"The bridge"

The colorful slides

Kizsports & Gym - for the little ones (Orange sticker)
Yes, I seriously think that Emir is the oldest kids for Orange stickers and to that he was allowed to enter the Gym :) Well, actually he loves that way as he could control the younger kids, yeah yeah, sometimes Emir loves to pretend that he is the big brother and will call himself as "Abang Emir". I know it is the perfect time to have another child.

Session with the instructor

and can you see the happy faces of the kids, they were not prentending, they were not posing and they were not lying, they were Really having an exciting and fun times at Kizsports & Gym.


Games for Preschool and primary school children
Popped the ballon and the last kid standing with the balloon would be the winner.

Kids are always kids
No matter how much you keep an eye of your kids, they were still


and asked for more $$$. yes Emir insisted to play this RM1 machine

For Parents 
While kids enjoying themselves, Friso Gold’s nutritionist giving talk to mummies and daddies. and only there I really understand what the difference between Prebiotics and Probiotics. Thanks Friso Gold's

Some of the notes

Frisoshield™ with P2 Dual System™ is a combination of nutrients:    
- GOS, lcFOS and Friendly bacteria - Bifidobacterium lactis to help increase intestinal bifidobacteria and help maintain good intestinal environment.
- Friso Gold 4 also contains DHA, AA and SA, essential nutrients that aid a growing child’s overall development.
Ruth Liew, the renown child expert who authored several parenting books was there too to give a talk to our parenting bloggers.
It was an interesting session as both sessions were interactive and knowledgable session. and to spice up the EXCITING session, quiz was conducted and those who answered correctly received the prize from Friso Gold. I didnt get any sob sob sob..

FREE Lunch
Probably one of the highlight of this event, To me it was, as we did not manage to have our breakfast.  heheehe ya ya blame on me as i was so EXCITED to be there earliest possible :p and can you see how busy this section during the lunch time???. Anyway, this was the area for the kids to have lunch

But hehehe, I was not so confident to left Emir's alone with his meals... So I accompanied him and Emir enjoyed the spaghetti


While most of the mothers were busy to feed our child, the fathers nicely lining up to get their food, errr fathers are always fathers kekekeke

The EXCITING and handsome MC
By the way, his name is Marcus, not sure whether still single or taken but this guy really knows how to tackle a kid, i mean not just a kid, the wholeeeeeeeeeeeee kids.Kudos to him!! Big clap clap clap. While waiting for the magician to set up his stuff, Marcus spotaneously entertaining the kids with his fatherly character.. :)


Ok I am not so sure this is what we call fatherly or side of his kids character hehee Anyway, his simple jokes was living and the kids loves him..

At the beginning Emir participated the small contest where he had to dance but half way, he ran to me.


Just a small gift but enough to make kids happy and jealous at the same time :)

Hafidz Osman the magician
He has his own pesona.  and honestly this is the first time I watched his shows. He started his shows with the red coat covering his head and played with the fire. I could feel Emir's heartbeat beating fast but he calmly hold my hand and one of the kid started to cry. Pity her.

But it was not long enough when Hafidz started to cheer the audience with laughter and warm nature. But at the same time, I was disturbed with his long hair that covered his eyes :)..


Not only that, he even asked the kids to assist him doing the magic and it was so funny to see the puzzled kids following his intruction and shocked with the outcome..

Up until today, I could not figure out how he did his illusions on the bird.. How aaa?? Yes, he is one of the great magician we should proud of.

The announcement
Ok this would be the highlights for the parents. The result!! I know my chances were slim but haha honestly I was hoping i won that RM100 Toys r Us voucher as from the beginning i bet that Kak Ros from will win the Grand Prize. Her entry was sooo original and practical. But as predicted, I didn't win anything, but its ok, now I am competing this RM1,000 :)

Above pictures are 8 of the consolation prize winners. To name few, the winners are Toughcookie, Sawanila, Sumijelly, and of course as expected the Grand Prize Winner is.. Kak Ros.. She won 4 tickets to Hong Kong Disneyland, she is so lucky lady right :)

Congratulations to all winners! You deserved it!!

Meeting with other blogger parents
It is not all about excitement, it is not all about Free stuffs but it is to meet other parents and share your parenthood experience. And yes, I met few of them especially Fahry!! Fahry is Along's son I was planning to meet Fahry quite sometime ago and finally he is here and i got a chance to cuddle him. ;)

and ToughCookie is my new blogging friend and guess what, she has 12 years old son and she is still lovely!! and sometimes it was funny when people called you Ibu Emir and forgot your names, but yes, it happened to me as well. hehe.. Anyway, I met a lot of new blogger friends but since we did most of the talking and in my case, the camera was always with the Mr. Husband, so I only managed to snap pictures with these two blogging mothers. Anasfadilah, Unlisted_One,  keep in touch ya. and of course I met the famous blogger Redmummy, ThePinkstilettos and Kak Ros from MomBloggersPlanet


The Goodies Bag
 The Goodies Bag was awesome especially when we got 1 tin of Friso Gold 4 and on top of that we managed to grab this soft toy box for Emir.. hehehe

Emir's first taste of Friso Gold 4
and immediately after, I asked Emir whether he wanted to try Friso Gold and he agreed. Seriously, I loves the packaging and the way it was packed, very hygenic and easy to use. So I mix 4 spoon of Friso Gold 4 with the warm water 
and guess what Emir asked for more. !! I am not kidding and I am not make up the story.. but
with a condition that I gave the instruction and he prepared his own milk. and up until today, Emir still drink's Friso Gold 4 and one thing I could see the different is that Emir had only once throw up after his milk session and it is a good news for me. Emir usually after his milky session he will continue playing, jumping and this easily cause him to throw up, but hey not anymore..!! Im glad as it reduced my double work.. hehe

Family Relationship
I am happy, so does the father and so does Emir. We are one happy family. Pictures worth a thousand words!!

to that



  1. weyy gile panjang entry nihh =p... tp nampak sgt2 fun...

  2. yes...akhirnya nampak gak muker sumi kat blog orglain..
    dlm gym room...

    tp,....untuk yg 10 org tu, x der gmbr sumi...huhuhuhu...sob...sob..maybe x sempat snap kot...hahahaha
    x per.. x kisah...

    salam kenal dr sumijelly...
    kenapala kita x bertegur sapa yek..hehehe

  3. wah, congrats dear! u menang nuffnang punya blog entry ni.

  4. wah..tahniah again dr sumijelly...
    RM1000.00 dh dlm gengaman tu..
    wah.. leh la membeli belah...


  5. thanks everyone, inilah rezeki, our laptop n external hard drive that contains all of our pictures was stolen two days after I posted this entry, I just tergerak hati nak upload picture banyak2..

    Amira, emran n little Emir

  6. congrats...nice story..salam kenalan ya

  7. Congrats and have a fun... nak buat ape dgn duit hadiah Nuffnang tu..? :D

  8. awesome event coverage. you deserve that 1k. congrat sis

  9. congratulations!! just realized my hubby and baby was in the picture of urs.. hehehe..

    btw, salam berkenalan ya :-)

  10. La...Emir yang menang dalam blog i i tak tau... :-) kalau lah dapat jumpa si comel nih...

  11. Salam..

    Hi..Gosh! What an entry.
    Sungguh panjang berjela-jela.
    Me can't do like this..thou

    Oh ya, FYI, didn't win anything. Pasti yg lain makan hati bila nampak blog ku yg comel sekali sekali tu naik di blog nih...

    hahah... minta buangkan blog ku ite dear. Segan kita. Dahla tak menang, tetiba tumpang glamer..

    Apa2 pun tahniah!!!

    Nice knowing ya!

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  30. that's a fun family affair and it's one good event to bond with overyone specially child and mom :)...
    Good job!

  31. Of course, no shoes are allowed and everyone must wear your socks while you are in Kizsports & Gym. ...


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