Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Last week

Emir loves to swim and those pics proved it rite??

Recently, it seems impossible to squeeze my time for blogging. I would rather spend my time with my family or yes, now im addicted to oh well..err.. Bubble Breaker. hehe. So, whereever, Emir off to bed, while waiting for him to let me go.. what else, i would play bubble breaker using hubby's pocket PC.. heheh..

Before that, do you know that emir is still breastfeeding baby and i think he is doing that for his comfort and bile nak tido, bf is a must and it takes at least an hour to let me go, If not, he either will cry and i have to start all over again or im in pain!! Sakit giler, dengan gigi yang banyak itu..

any ideas how to stop him from bf?

He is nearly two in few days and i am planning to organize small wet birthday party for him. Wet!! yes!! Dont worry, if it is raining, i already have Plan B. please let me have your e-mail address so i could send the e-card directly to you. ;)

anyway, this is what happened last week

Crazy about baking

Im still in trying stage, so the cuppies and the cake (the deco, adalah agak kelam kabut) but the taste was not so bad after all. im still learning how to play with the nozzles and the icing. And my hub's colleagues and my colleagues are now becoming my official guinea pig. Ade lagi satu kek, but i had accidentally deleted it. the baking is interesting but the cleaning part is annoying!!

Appreciation lunch

Our PE*****S team has reached beyond the target on our billing collection. So the managers bukalah meje besar at DeCanter. Well, 2.5 stars for the main menu but the desserts - superb!!

Tryin my photography skills..

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