Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Sports person - my definition

How should i start.. 

I do love sports. Honestly i do. But i know my body doesnt show the right figure to say that i am a true sport supporter. 

But not many of my friends knew that i love sports. And i dont blame them since i am with my 5xL shirt. I envied those who have determination to be on diet and working on their exercise routine everyday, because me on the other hand busy to pay a visit at any recommended restaurant in town. Ive tried to be on diet, and always tried especially when it comes to Monday until my husband said “berapa kali Isnin la nak diet”.. 

I immediately failed when i see nasik. Yes, i cant live without nasik even though it is only a small portion. Yes, brown rice is available but im always using my workload  as the big excuse to not having time cooking a healthy meal.

For now, im trying to cut  down my meals. My big mission is to announce that im on diet tapi malu sebab takut tak jadi. 

Ok lari topik. I have endless excuse not to be on diet *sigh

Back to the topic, dari zaman sekolah rendah i sanggup tak tido malam semata-mata nak tengok big sport event. Olympics., Commonwealth, Asian Games, Sea Games, World Cup & Euro Cup. I tak kisah pun any countries janji the sport is not snooker, karate, taekwando and sewaktu dengannya.

I enjoyed watching the atheletes fighting at their best for the country and i agree sports reunite people. The crazy experienced that i had was when i was heavily pregnant with Emir back in the year 2006 and that year was World Cup year and if im not mistaken it was held in Germany. The different time zone didnt hinder me to wake up in the middle of the night and watched the match until it finished and the next few hours i was ready for work. Crazy kan. That time i was Italy big fan and Italy won the World Cup for that year.

So when Emir was born, putih pulak tu and tak sama langsung dengan mak paknya, i jokingly said “ini mesti sebab maknya suke tengok World Cup dulu”

Until now, i still glued my eyes on tv when there is any big sports event tho my two heroes tak heran pun.  Im ok so long that they dont fight with me to change the tv channel.

So, Pandalela and her partner just won a gold for Malaysia in 10m diving at Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast Australia and in the same event, Dhabitah and her partner won a bronze Malaysia. Bangga pulak. I asked my husband if only we have a daughter, does he allow her daughter to wear swimsuit in ang sport events? And i was surprised he said yes.. i continued to ask, Malaysian is very judgmental when it comes to this and guess what he said “anak aku, berani dia cakap”

Yes, thats my husband. Told ya, apa2 yang anak dia punya interest dia memang support.  But dun worry, anak tak keluar lagi berani la cakap bagi anak pakai macam tu kan lol. Anak dah besaq, mungkin ayat lain yang keluaq.

Till then..

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